Tokenomics for our native token $INVEST

Dear InvestDex Community,

We’re happy to present the tokenomics for our native $INVEST token. We decided from a very early stage in our project development that we wanted to be a primarily community funded and focused project. Staying true to that ideal, we have limited the influence and involvement of VC’s compared to most other projects. We are choosing to work only with a few VC’s who bring genuine value and align with our vision. Furthermore we have limited the amount of funding from VC’s, preferring instead to give an opportunity to our community to enter at the seed sale stage. All early rounds of funding have been heavily vested to protect all of our investors from heavy selling pressure at listing. Here are the different stages of our raise.

The Seed Sale consisted of two stages, Private A and Private B. Private A was mainly given to early supporters and members of our community who provided some value to our project or our community as well as strategic partners and investors. Private B was open to each and every single member of our community at the time of the snapshot on the 30th of April 2021.

Private Sale A:

Total Raise: $250,000

Token Price: $0.038

Vesting Schedule: 10% unlocked at TGE and 10% monthly vesting schedule for 9 months

Private Sale B:

Total Raise: $400,000

Token Price: $0.045

Vesting Schedule: 20% unlocked at TGE and 13.33% monthly vesting schedule for 6 months

For our IDO raise, we have decided to conduct a multi-platform IDO to generate greater awareness of our platform. We have partnered with Duckstarter, BSCPad and Toslabs, with each of them raising $100k each for our project.

Public Sale Total Raise: $300,000

Token Price: $0.066

Vesting Schedule. None. 100% unlocked at listing.

Total amount raised; $950,000

Here are some more important details from our Tokenomics.

Listing Price: $0.072

Max Supply: 50,000,000 $INVEST Tokens

Initial Circulating Supply = 8,586,000 $INVEST Tokens (17.17 % of max supply)

Initial Circulating Market Cap = $618,000

Initial Pancakeswap Liquidity = $360,000

We look forward to continue building a project that genuinely adds value to the DeFi space and one that all of our community can be proud to be associated with. Thank you for your continued support!



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