InvestDex x Poolz Team Up Through Exciting Strategic Partnership

Cross-chain capabilities are one of the recent phenomena quickly gaining traction in the DeFi space, presenting a wide variety of new use cases and offering more ways to tap into the very best technological infrastructures available. The team at InvestDex is dedicated to finding the very best industry-wide technology to help increase access to the most prominent blockchains in the ecosystem.

Each blockchain has its own unique use case and core competency, so we believe that finding a way of bringing them together is the ideal solution for the future of the crypto and DeFi markets.

To take things to the next level, Investdex has decided to form a brand new strategic partnership with Poolz!

Poolz is a decentralized protocol that allows for project owners and startup companies to participate in cross-chain auctions and token pools in order to bootstrap liquidity from the get go. It’s aiming to become the cornerstone of DeFi solutions by transcending the multi-chain experience, opening up a brand new realm of functionalities and opportunities for everyone.

InvestDex and Poolz will work together in several strategic areas while leveraging each other’s technology and communities to continue to enhance their own DeFi ecosystems. As the partnership continues to blossom, both sides will continue to think through ways to bring more to the table.

Keep on reading if you’d like to learn more about what Poolz has to offer.

About Poolz

Poolz’s completely trustless and decentralized protocol helps provide early crypto projects with the most promising opportunities to reach like-minded investors before their listing phase begins. It ensures the proper infrastructure and exposure are put in place while maintaining a decentralized path towards adoption and liquidity.

Investors also greatly benefit from utilizing the platform, as they’re given an opportunity to become involved in potentially groundbreaking projects at the ground floor — this helps maximize their expected ROI from their capital injection.

Projects are given the ability to launch token auctions on Poolz’s platform, which in turn generates increased liquidity prior to the project going live on an exchange. This also benefits inventors, as they can take part in these auctions by providing liquidity — in return for doing so, they can receive passive income streams based on the $ETH and $DAI held in their wallets.

Poolz has also expanded its support to digital creations through offering NFT bid auctions, which can be created by NFT projects and give investors more opportunities to diversify their funding contributions.

In addition to these features, projects can also receive professional auditing of their tokens, implement staking mechanisms, schedule token transactions, and much more. Poolz currently offers support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Moonbeam, TomoChain, and Huobi ECO Chain.

$POOLZ is the protocol’s native token that provides users with staking rewards for passive income and participation in governance with voting rights. Overall, it helps power the platform and incentivize users to participate further within the community.

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First Crypto Workstation, manage crypto assets with a focus on the DeFi space.

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First Crypto Workstation, manage crypto assets with a focus on the DeFi space.

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