InvestDex x Moonboots Engage in New Strategic Partnership

Acquiring capital has always been a top priority for crypto projects, especially those that are in their infancy stages. But what’s often equally important is their need for guidance and support with marketing, organically growing an audience, strategy, and much more.

InvestDex is continuously seeking to help fuel efforts to partner with organizations that fully support promising crypto startup projects, beyond just the financing aspect. Luckily, we’ve just hit yet another milestone to help drive this forward.

We’re excited to let everyone know that we’ve brought on another strategic partner, this time with Moonboots!

Moonboots is a crypto venture capital firm with a team of experts who work with promising blockchain projects to further enhance their community presence and value propositions, providing them with funding in addition to various marketing and advisory services.

Through this dynamic partnership, MoonBoots will provide assistance to InvestDex with advisory services, product promotion, business and product development, user acquisition, and more. During our continued collaboration, both projects will continue to explore creative and useful ways to help one another.

We couldn’t be more excited to be working with the team at Moonbots, as they’re the perfect fit to help promote our advanced suite of tools and lead us down a greater path to success.

About Moonboots

The ultimate goal of Moonboots’ team is to locate and accelerate innovative efforts to further advance decentralized blockchain technology projects. While they directly provide seed capital and incubation services through their strong venture capital network, a majority of their efforts are focused on the value-added services they provide from a strategic and advisory perspective.

Their overarching industry network allows them to provide some of the very best advisory and business development services, ensuring projects are on the right track from a growth perspective — every step of the way.

Additionally, Moonboots also assists projects with branding, web design, press releases, social and community management, and merchandise development, to name a few. Its vastly wide breadth of support systems makes it one of the most versatile venture capital establishments in the blockchain space.

They’ve amassed a strong portfolio of projects they’ve supported, including the likes of Polkadot, Moonbeam, ParaState, Omni, and now InvestDex. This list only continues to grow as they expand their horizons via their network.

Moonboots is leading the charge for venture capital firms everywhere, finally giving projects with all the options they need to grow — right at their fingertips.

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