InvestDex x CyberFi Enter into Strategic Partnership

Things have been booming here on our side of the pond. With so many new and exciting partnerships, we’re working to keep the ball rolling and form strong relationships to achieve mass adoption for our product.

That’s why today we’re thrilled to announce that InvestDex has entered into a brand new strategic partnership with CyberFi. We’re helping take DeFi to a whole new level!

CyberFi is a DeFi intelligent automation platform aiming to develop an easy-to-use experience. The team is changing the game of DeFi, making the entire process simpler, cheaper, and more accessible to everyone.

CyberFi will be collaborating on a number of different strategic areas with InvestDex including providing advisory services and using InvestDex’s organisational and charting tools for its Samurai launchpad IDO’s. Samurai launches will also be featured on the InvestDex calendar, bringing more exposure to those projects. More areas for collaboration will also be constantly explored.

From Geralt — CyberFI CEO “We are excited to work with the InvestDex team, we have lots of plans for cross-chain functionality and are planning to use InvestDex tools as well as use them for internal operations. InvestDex reaches for a whole new experience in DeFi Trading analytics by providing many tools that will make people stay. ”

What is CyberFi?

CyberFi is introducing a massive upgrade to the traditional DeFi trading experience and overall usability, presenting solutions that are appealing to traders across the crypto space.

Its trading platform merges the features of centralized exchanges to decentralized ones, where trading can be automated with price triggers to offer more peace of mind when executing orders. Farming, staking, liquidity pools, and LP tokens can all be automated through the platform’s interface, setting a level playing field for both new and experienced traders.

Users who use its platform will also have the ability to tap into other popular blockchains (TRX, DOT, etc.) to execute cross-chain automated event scenarios.

It’s Samurai platform is a combination of a launchpad and stakepad. Samurai’s IDO launchpad provides early DeFi startup projects with the opportunity to efficiently and seamlessly raise capital to fund future development efforts. The stakepad lets users deposit tokens into liquidity pools in order for them to earn rewards in promising DeFi project tokens.

$CFI is CyberFi’s native token, which can be used to pay for gas fees, earn returns via staking, gain access to Samurai’s IDO launchpad, get involved in opportunities related to special products, and much more.

In regards to partners, CyberFi has developed strong relationships with reputable crypto projects such as Chainlink, Polygon, and TrustSwap, to name a few. It’s also partnered with major crypto venture capital firms for the Samurai platform.

Its roadmap is jam-packed with exciting future project developments, including the release of a multichain toolset, automation for the launchpad, and more right on the horizon.

The team at Investdex is looking forward to this newly-developed partnership and working with CyberFi to take our workstation and its DeFi solution to the next level. We’ll ensure that the project truly stands out by allowing them to leverage our tools in order to maximize the technological potential.

We’re helping unlock the future of DeFi, one step at a time.

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