InvestDex unveils latest updates to its platform.

6 min readOct 29, 2021


Dear InvestDex Community,

It has been almost 5 months since our platform first went live and in that time we have managed to achieve many things on our roadmap, from new DEX integrations, to partnerships and tech upgrades. However, we are also constantly making small subtle tweaks and upgrades to the platform on a weekly basis that are not on the official roadmap but are changes we have made on the fly. These were based on either user feedback or our own intuition that we feel will enhance the user experience and improve the effectiveness of our platform. We wanted to highlight some of these upgrades in this article to draw your attention to them so you can take full advantage of our platform.

DEXMarkets Page

One of our newest creations that we have been working on has been the DEXMarkets page. The idea behind this page was to create a CoinMarketCap style market tracker but primarily for DEX based projects. Tokens can be tracked and filtered by liquidity, volume, 24hr volume, recent price changes and more. We have also added a like feature with a heart icon on the far right, to allow these top projects to be favourited quickly and easily.

Another addition is a BTC and ETH dominance tracker in the top right hand corner. Experienced crypto investors know how important the BTC Dominance indicator is to identify the money flow within the crypto market and as a predictor for the much anticipated Alt Season, so we felt it was an important metric to have. Additionally, many in the crypto space believe that the total ETH market cap will flip the BTC market cap sometime during this bull run and so we felt it was appropriate to add the ETH Dominance as well. Whichever camp you fall into, you will be able to have these metrics at your fingertips as you organise your crypto strategy.

We have also added price boxes at the top for tracking the native tokens for the blockchains of all of our integrated DEX’s, ETH, BNB, MATIC as well as BTC, our native $INVEST token of course and also HEX which we happen to be big fans of. Hex is a project that we think will impact the crypto space in a big way very soon. We plan to capitalise on this event, but we can’t reveal too much about our plans yet. Stay tuned Hexicans!

The DEXMarkets page is still being tweaked so not all of the features may be fully functional immediately but will be rolled out shortly.

Pair Explorer

For our Pair Explorer feature which is available in our free Basic Tier, we have added a number of small upgrades.

  • Favourite Token percentage change has now been replaced with Token Price. We felt the token price was a more appropriate metric to track the performance of the users investment rather than the 24HR percentage change.
  • The Rubic icon has been added to the information box in the top left near the token price. Clicking this icon opens a portal into a new dimension! Just kidding. It actually opens up a window which enables cross chain swaps. This is part of our strategic partnership agreement with Rubic where we have integrated some of their amazing tech, allowing our users to execute cross chain swaps without having to leave our platform.
  • Trending Icon added to trending tokens. This neat feature shows a trending icon on the information box if the project token that you’re looking at happens to be trending at that particular time.
  • Trade history: Buy and sell colour added. This is a nice visual upgrade that makes it easier on the eye to identify buys and sells in the trade history.
  • Transaction Icons added for traders to better visualise the size of incoming transactions. The Avatars are set as follows: Yacht ($1m+ transaction), Whale ($250k+), Shark ($100k+), Dolphin ($50k+), Squid ($10k+) and Crab ($5k+). We are also going to be adding a bot icon to easily identify bot transactions.
  • Updated Icons: The icons in the information box have been rearranged, making it easier to see and click links relating to the project such as the project Telegram, Twitter and Website.
  • A View Info button has been added displaying key information about the project, including an about us section, the Total Supply, the circulating supply and the Market capitalization.

Vesting Schedule

The vesting schedule feature is designed specifically for investors and traders who need more information about token distribution schedules. This is key for those either investing in $INVEST or tokens associated with other partnered projects. For example, our $INVEST token is unlocked around the 15th of every month. Users can set a reminder to be alerted in time for the next unlock. This tool is a first of its kind in the crypto space. At the moment it is limited to the schedules that we create for our partner projects. However, we are working on a feature that allows users the ability to custom create their own vesting schedule for any project they are invested in. We will release a more in depth article about this feature and how to use it soon.

Pro Tier Utility

We are constantly looking at ways to add utility to our token and have made a number of features exclusive to the Pro Tier which can only be unlocked by holding 10k tokens or paying $30 worth of tokens every month. This will add some utility and result in buying pressure for the $INVEST token moving forward. Here are some of the features that are now exclusive for Pro Tier members:

  • Like Suggested Events — Pro Tier members can like and favourite events that show up on our Suggested Events List which is displays events such as upcoming IDO’s, blockchain events and AMA’s.
  • Community Trust Vote — Only Pro Tier members can participate in the Community Trust vote. This gives a rating to projects and indicates to the rest of the community if the project is trustworthy and safe to invest in or suspicious and might be a potential scam or rugpull.
  • Access Workstation and Risk Management — The Workstation and Risk Management features have been covered by other media article before so we won’t go into detail here, but suffice it to say these are extremely useful tools to help organise and manage your crypto strategy and can only be accessed by Pro Tier members.
  • Access more Avatars — Pro Tier members are able to have access to all the Avatars for their icon. Currently the free Basic Tier can access only 5 Avatars. Platinum members will also have access to their own Avatar.

A cool new feature that we are looking to integrate is the Fear and Greed Index which has been popularised in the crypto community for its ability to gauge the sentiment among investors. Its effectiveness has been debated but we want to give our users access to as many tools as possible so we have decided to add this to our platform. It is currently being integrated and will be ready soon.

We are aware there have been some challenges on the charting side of the platform and we are hard at work finding solutions for this. At the same time, we are constantly adding new features to our platform and are always open to suggestions from our community. Feel free to engage with us on our Twitter or Telegram. We’d love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more announcements and updates about cool and useful investment and organisational tools that will be released soon.




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