InvestDex & GovWorld Enter into New Strategic Partnership to Elevate DeFi Offerings

DeFi has cemented itself as an emerging space and subset within the crypto industry, providing never-before-seen opportunities that have elevated the realm of finance to new heights. Accessing capital quickly and seamlessly, easily lending and borrowing assets, and collateralization are all issues still plaguing the DeFi space, to name a few.

Market participants continue to seek a platform that offers an all-in-one solution to maximize DeFi efficiencies and opportunities in these capacities.

The team at InvestDex is excited to announce that we’ve formed a new strategic partnership with GovWorld, a unique cross-chain ecosystem offering a wide variety of advanced DeFi features such as their first- of- its-kind, P2P lending protocol

For this partnership, GovWorld will support InvestDex with advisory services, product promotion, business development, and other efforts. In return, InvestDex will provide GovWorld and its community with our high-quality crypto trading tools. As time goes by, we’ll continue to find new ways to innovate and work together.

About GovWorld

GovWorld is an advanced comprehensive DeFi ecosystem, serving as a lending protocol with multi-chain support to create a more free, open, and accessible financial ecosystem via the blockchain. It provides users with maximum flexibility to unlock liquidity, seamlessly lend and borrow, earn generous stablecoin yields, and much more, all in a fully decentralized manner. Once launched, it will initially run on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and will later support Polygon and other chains.

Users can access a broad range of attractive DeFi features, such as collateralizing supported altcoins (USDT, USDC, and DAI) or NFTs for short-term cash loans, having the freedom to select their very own loan terms.

$GOV is the protocol’s governance token, where holders can influence the project’s future direction and initiate proposals. The protocol is led by a governance committee that reviews different features, products, and services to ensure the ecosystem continues to stay maintained and thrive.

The platform is accessed through its sleek and seamless user interface, providing users with a bird’s eye view of its product and service offerings while making it easy to facilitate and execute transactions of any kind.

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First Crypto Workstation, manage crypto assets with a focus on the DeFi space.

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First Crypto Workstation, manage crypto assets with a focus on the DeFi space.

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