InvestDex Enters the Metaverse! Partnership with Affyn to Take P2E Gaming to the Next Level

The P2E (Play-to-Earn) space made great strides in 2021 and continues to blossom this year, with new and emerging projects creating innovative concepts to enhance the blockchain gaming experience. P2E games offer gamers and users the opportunity to simultaneously earn lucrative rewards simply for engaging in activities within these games, taking a new spin on the traditional gaming model.

As the space becomes more sophisticated, project teams are devising ways to make these games more immersive and realistic to make the metaverse more familiar and relatable. Moreover, it’s becoming more important to address sustainability within in-game economies while allowing people to use their crypto for a wider variety of purposes.

InvestDex is pleased to announce that we’ve entered into a new partnership with Affyn, a mobile P2E blockchain game leveraging a digital layer based on geographical maps that allows you to earn in-game tokens that can also be utilized in the real world.

In terms of this partnership agreement, Affyn is going to utilise many of the features of our platform. They will use our charts and pair explorer features in their community, as well as adding their token vesting schedule to our new Vesting Scheduler feature and will add all major events in their roadmap onto our Calendar so their community can track their progress easily. They will also assist us with business development, strategic advising, marketing, and other useful services. From our side, we aim to be involved in building an InvestDex structure in the Affyn metaverse when it goes live. We will also provide Affyn’s user base and community with the ability to access our organisational and productivity tools to make their overall Defi experience more seamless.

About Affyn

Affyn has created a mobile P2E metaverse and ecosystem called the “NEXUS World,” a digital realm aligned to real-world maps that users can explore and earn rewards by completing quests, events, and other activities within their respective locations.

Buddies are NFTs that represent the characters within the NEXUS world. They each come with unique characteristics and attributes that can increase in value through continuous play while being trained to engage in various in-game activities.

Users can participate in the ecosystem in various ways. One method is through buying/selling, collecting, building, and owning Nexus Lands, or digital hexagon grids that serve as lands within the game. There’s also an in-game marketplace to buy and sell different NFTs, a shop to upgrade and acquire advantages, augmented reality activities, and more.

$FYN is the platform’s native token that can be earned while playing and used to access special privileges, benefits, and gain access to different products and services that merchant partners offer. These extra perks give the token additional utility to be utilized within the real-world without having to switch to fiat.

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First Crypto Workstation, manage crypto assets with a focus on the DeFi space.

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