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5 min readJan 5, 2021

What is InvestDex?

The idea behind InvestDex is to bridge traditional task management software with the best DEX (Decentralised Exchange) trading tools and introduce a first-of-its-kind workstation to the DeFi (Decentralised Finance) domain.

Gain an edge on the market with InvestDex. While a standard search bar, being able to see the recent pool changes and an ever-changing banner of the top trending tokens can give some direction…We aim to provide every tool you need to find real success. To create a strategy that’s uniquely your own. Help you stick to your plans. Have all the tokens at your fingertips, with every variable and metric that you could hope for, just a few clicks away. Find that gem before the crowd, be alerted before the pumps and dumps, not after. Customise your portfolio strategy in a way that gives you that edge you’re capable of finding.

InvestDex features a curated list of top projects and up to the minute crypto news, the trending tokens tab is just the beginning. Click and you’ll find an intuitive display of all tokens with a myriad of customisable metrics so you can zero in on what you know makes a project truly worth exploring. Pick your token and you’ll get a detailed exploration of the factors you need to weigh its potential: A 5-factor propriety rating system, a complete chart with all the technical analysis tools you’ll need to plot the most likely trajectory. All the links to find out the details of the project, the option to buy or sell the token (which seamlessly pulls up Uniswap within the page), or you can set alerts, limit orders, for whatever variables you choose and add the token to your favourites. The risk management feature allows you to keep to your strategies, keep emotion out of your trading, and consistently meet your benchmarks…

InvestDex aims at making crypto trading easy while aligning you with excellent workflow organization features.

The workstation

Your interactive calendar, which displays every aspect of your crypto investing strategy for the month, or detailed days with a Timetable for your optimal crypto schedule. From the calendar, you can navigate to the Main Table, which has a list of each token in your portfolio with your plans mapped and expectations for the project, a detailed chart of your portfolio’s performance, a breakdown of your token’s current metrics, your favourites list, and all active alerts.

As a crypto trader, when you invest in a token, just like a venture capitalist, you invest in the team behind the token as much or more than the concept behind the project. Suppose the team performs well on its deliverables and fulfills all the milestones on time. In that case, their efficiency should positively influence the price of the token generated by the team. This increases your chances of making investment gains. However, if the team fails to deliver on its milestones and is way behind the set schedule, their incompetence may negatively affect the value of your investment.

Using the Roadmap feature in Main Table View you can observe how well the team is following their schedule. Keeping your trading objective and your analysis a step ahead of the curve.

INVEST Tokenomics

The INVEST token, a BEP20 token, is the native token of InvestDex protocol. InvestDex tokens are the only medium in which we accept payment for our subscription services.

Users who hold larger amounts of INVEST tokens or who provide liquidity will qualify for discounts on monthly subscription fees.

Users will connect via Metamask for purchasing services, we never hold your funds. 50% of tokens collected from subscription fees will be burned for the first six months and then 15% of the fees will be burned for the following year, acting as a deflationary mechanism.

Token Information

Name: InvestDex

Total Supply: 50,000,000

Symbol: INVEST

Type: BEP20

Token address: 0x853A8Ab1c365ea54719EB13A54d6B22F1fBe7FEb

The future for Investdex

Inspired by, Asana, Trello, productivity software companies that have gone on to amass valuations in the billions of dollars… InvestDex is here to tap into the wealth of this market while solving integral problems inherent to the industry. While the aforementioned companies may have payment and subscription limitations, third-party interference, and so on, the underlying technology of InvestDex distinguishes it from its counterparts.

Adopting traditional task management tools specifically for Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and DeFi space is truly a game-changer. We have built a platform, with your unique cryptocurrency success story as the goal.

The beta release will be available for trial use for a limited period, with even more advanced features coming soon for premium users. Stay tuned for further announcements. Early holders will have first access to the beta; community feedback will be combined to help create the ultimate tool for success in the upcoming bull run.

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