InvestDex x TosDis — New Strategic Partnership

The InvestDex team has been marching forward with expanding its product to the masses, working with some of the best teams and projects across the DeFi ecosystem while focusing on improving what has already been built. We know everyone’s on the edge of their seats waiting for our next announcement. On that note, wait no longer! We’ve got some exciting news for all of you.

We’re pleased to let everyone know that we’ve formed a new strategic partnership with TosDis! TosDis is a one-stop DeFi interoperable solution that provides users with various features…

InvestDex x Poolz Team Up Through Exciting Strategic Partnership

Cross-chain capabilities are one of the recent phenomena quickly gaining traction in the DeFi space, presenting a wide variety of new use cases and offering more ways to tap into the very best technological infrastructures available. The team at InvestDex is dedicated to finding the very best industry-wide technology to help increase access to the most prominent blockchains in the ecosystem.

Each blockchain has its own unique use case and core competency, so we believe that finding a way of bringing them together is the ideal solution for the future of…

InvestDex x Moonboots Engage in New Strategic Partnership

Acquiring capital has always been a top priority for crypto projects, especially those that are in their infancy stages. But what’s often equally important is their need for guidance and support with marketing, organically growing an audience, strategy, and much more.

InvestDex is continuously seeking to help fuel efforts to partner with organizations that fully support promising crypto startup projects, beyond just the financing aspect. Luckily, we’ve just hit yet another milestone to help drive this forward.

We’re excited to let everyone know that we’ve brought on another strategic partner, this time…

InvestDex x Secure Pad form a new Strategic Partnership

Early startup crypto projects are the cornerstone of DeFi and crypto, embarking on the journey to push more innovation forward across the entire ecosystem. We strongly believe in a prosperous future for crypto, and ensuring these startups receive maximum opportunities for funding and organic growth is fundamental.

InvestDex has already secured several key partnerships with incubator and launchpad platforms. But we’re not done just yet — today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve entered into yet another strategic partnership with Secure Pad, presenting another opportunity for projects everywhere.

Secure Pad is…

InvestDex x Starter Unite to Enhance Solutions for Investors and Startups

Early blockchain startup projects are a critical component of the crypto and DeFi markets, as they lead the charge for some of the newest and most promising innovative solutions. At the current moment, there are massive efforts being put into place to provide more fruitful and inviting ways for these projects to get their feet off the ground.

Launch platforms that are highly efficient with cheap costs are a great starting point for these projects — but investors also need mechanisms to easily track their performance, while having closer…

DeFi is changing finance in unimaginable ways but hasn’t been served on a silver platter. It’s still riddled with inefficiencies that are preventing it from expanding on a truly massive scale — but there’s a solution.

Investdex is committed to improving DeFi in every aspect possible — that’s why we’ve developed a new strategic partnership with our friends at Ferrum Network!

Ferrum Network is a crypto incubator with a fresh perspective and vision on the incubation process. They implement a cross-chain incubation solution, eliminating staking requirements and allowing for the facilitation of minimal transaction fees.

Ferrum Network and Investdex will…

InvestDex x CyberFi Enter into Strategic Partnership

Things have been booming here on our side of the pond. With so many new and exciting partnerships, we’re working to keep the ball rolling and form strong relationships to achieve mass adoption for our product.

That’s why today we’re thrilled to announce that InvestDex has entered into a brand new strategic partnership with CyberFi. We’re helping take DeFi to a whole new level!

CyberFi is a DeFi intelligent automation platform aiming to develop an easy-to-use experience. …

InvestDex Announces Strategic Partnership With KickPad

InvestDex is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with KickPad, the first-ever cross-chain Community Airdrop Platform (CAP).

KickPad has achieved remarkable results since its launch in March 2021. In just a few short months of operations, they’ve managed to become a well-renowned name in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

We’re partnering up with the team behind KickPad to promote our charting tools and investing workstation to users and investors in early-stage projects hosted on the Binance Smart Chain protocol. …

InvestDex Announces Strategic Partnership With DuckDAO

InvestDex is delighted to announce its partnership with DuckDAO, crypto’s first community-led, seed-to-launch digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with anything from expertise, access to capital, to the marketing power they need to fast-track their progress to success.

Who Is DuckDAO

DuckDAO is a decentralized, community-based crypto incubator that helps early-stage crypto projects fast-track their progress to success. Besides providing up-and-coming crypto projects with access to crowdfunded capital, expertise, and marketing power, DuckDAO also democratizes crypto investing by giving everyday crypto people access to early-stage investment opportunities in crypto projects yet to go public.

InvestDex is excited to announce its strategic partnership with BSCPad, the largest IDO platform on the BSC protocol. The teams will join forces and collaborate in various business aspects.

The partnership aims for BSCPad to help empower and bring more exposure to the InvestDex platform and promote InvestDex’s single-dashboard investing workstation by using its charting tools for projects that launch on the BSCPad.

We are delighted to be collaborating with the largest IDO platform built on one of the most popular blockchain networks in the space. …


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